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What is Moodboard?

Moodboard is a visual compass created by a designer to help develop their collections. The pictures on the moodboard must present the elements that they will create.


Small Scale Patten

The making of small patterns aims to make cutting planning so that designers & fashion entrepreneurs are more efficient in the use of materials. Don't forget, in making small patterns you have to use scale.

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Fashionpreneur is someone who is focused in the business ventures in the field of fashion. a fashion designer will certainly work in this profession to sell their works to the public.
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Fabric Drape Guide

Fabric Drape is a technique for arranging fabric without cutting and sewing. This Draping can also be referred to as "mowing". The tools that you need in making this technique are fabric shears, pattern rulers, size ribbons, sewing chalk / textile markers, bobbin needles, sewing dolls / dummy / models, small ribbons to install body lines.

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