Fast Track to Fashion Business

Launching an apparel brand is a very complex process, so it is no surprise you may be unsure of the proper approach to take that won’t waste your precious time or money.

SFA Fashion Consultancy “Fast Track to Business” helps you create a powerful brand, minimize risks and plan for exponential growth. It is provides consultation, mentoring, sourcing and networking for fashion start up to emerging brand owner who wants to start retail business or scale the business.  This program is specially designed to hand held young designers in building the road to their own fashion business.

Conceptual Stage

4 Sessions

Brand Concept Development & Strategy (2 Sessions)

  • Brand Concept

  • Commercial Brand

  • Successful Brand (Successful Story)

  • Your Own Successful Brand (Deliverable)


Business Plan (2 Sessions)

  • The Right Target Market

  • The Right Strategy

  • Profit & Loss

Foto 1 - Concept.jpg
Commercial Stage

8 Sessions

Assortment Development (4 Sessions)

  • How to Develop Your Assortment

  • How to Build a Commercial Collection

  • Commercial Counseling Session

  • Market Analyst Collection


Sourcing (2 Sessions) Depends on the Client

  • How to Get the Right Raw Material

  • Business Matching with the Right Partners

  • Price Negotiation

  • Quality Control

Online / Offline Retail (2 Sessions) Depends on the Client

  • Entering Online / Offline Market

  • Business Mentoring

  • Meeting Arrangement

  • Business Deals

  • Whatsapp