The Main objective of Fashion Business Programs at SFA is to equip its students with keys to compete in the ever changing fashion industry. The program revolves around 3 pillars:

Brand Concept Development &

1 Session - 3 hours

Students are immersed in a workshop environment allowing them to get an intensive, interactive and practical knowledge based on brand development and strategy from inception to commercialization


  • Brand Name

  • Brand Inspiration

  • Brand Philosophy

  • Brand Image.

Digital Content Strategy
Image by Georgia de Lotz
Business Plan Including Pricing

1 Session - 3 Hour

Students are enabled to develop their business plan with the right pricing and to analyze the business functions that will ultimate render their business profitable.


  • How to Right Target Market

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Business Calculation

  • How Fashion Brand Set Price

  • Profit and Loss

  • Product Development.

Strategy, Profit & Loss
Promotion and Digital Strategy

1 Session - 6 Hours

Digital Marketing

Students are able to develop a strategy for digital content which help them to engage with their customer.


  • Digital Platform & Content Fitur

  • Content Pillar

  • Content Trend

  • Engaging Content

  • Creating Good Visual & Caption

  • Insight & Measurement.

Promotions & Sales on Digital
Students will have knowledge and ability to promote their content effectively and efficiently.


  • How to Promote Content or Product

  • Paid Ad, Grab Consumer with Right Targeting

  • Scheduling & Budgeting

  • Evaluation & Fine Tuning.

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