Enjoying your free time with our compact creative selection of programs. Explore the fun side of digital design that you can immediately print and wear, the express 2-days pattern sewing class with fashion items of choice, and our heartwarming program ‘Mommy & Me’ can be your choice for weekend quality time with your loved one while creating something together

PDC - Personal Design Concept

15 sessions - 45 hours

​A program about basic fashion design, exploring personal style and develop your creativity and skill in concept and drawing technique.


  • Fashion Introduction

  • Color Theory

  • Body Figure

  • Color Rendering

  • Fashion Illustration

  • Fabric Introduction

  • Personal Mind Map

  • Personal Collage

  • Inspiration Development

  • Sketching

  • Technical Sheet

  • Presentation.

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Pattern Construction & Sewing

12 sessions - 36 Hours

Discovering the most effective pattern tolls in only 5 steps to make a basic pattern!. Construct pattern and sewing of blouse, skirt and simple dress with your own size.


  • Introduction of Pattern Construction

  • Measurement

  • Pattern Construction

  • Cutting Fabric from Template

  • Sewing Fabric from Template Finishing

  • Project Making Blouse

  • Classic Skirt and Dress.

Fashion Digital

5 sessions - 15 Hours

Explore the fun side of digital design that you can immediately print and wear


  • Basic Adobe Illustrator Technical Drawing Coloring on Digital

  • Basic Adobe Illustrator

  • Print Pattern Technical Sheet

  • Technical Drawing

  • Making Pattern & Coloring on Digital.

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2 Days Class

Discovering how to make pattern construction and sewing with only 2 Days! Let's create your own favorite clothes with a simple way of pattern making.

You can choose one of the projects :

Kebaya All Style - Bustier - Kaftan - Outer - Jumpsuit - Simple Dress - Abaya

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Fashion Craft Mom & Me

Having a creative activity as a bonding time for mothers and daughters.


  • Introduction Pattern & Sewing Basic Pattern

  • Basic Sewing

  • Basic Design

  • Twinning Project Based on Theme.

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