An entrepreneurial design programs that suitable for starting your first step in fashion journey. Mastering your illustration passion can be more fruitful with a set of module on coloring techniques to managing challanges in developing your first collection. As well as crystalizing the pattern construction craft from zero with our 5-easy-steps of pattern making to exercising throughout the class production up to 9 projects or more

GPF 3 in 1 Package

97 sessions - 296 hours

All sessions programs of:

Fashion Foundation - 144 Hours

Pattern Construction & Sewing - 144 Hours

Brand Concept Development & Digital Content Strategy - 8 Hours

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Fashion Foundation

48 sessions - 144 hours

The program ensures students will obtain a firm foundation in research, design methods, and color theory. This program designed for the student to learn basics of fashion design and practical in drawing a proportional figures. In the final project, students begin to make last collection plan include analysis of design, technical drawing, and fabric swatch.


  • Basic Fashion Design

  • Coloring Techniques, Principle of Design

  • Part of Garment, Creative Thinking

  • Moodboard Design Development

  • Textile Manipulation, Coloring Techniques, Principle of Design

  • Part of Garment, Creative Thinking

  • Moodboard Design Development

  • Textile Manipulation.

Pattern Construction & Sewing

48 sessions - 144 hours

Student will learn the process of pattern making from basic block, fitted bodice block and different pattern adaption based on their designs. Student also learn the used of material, production process, sewing and finishing up to 9 projects


  • Long Dress with Yoke

  • Fitted Bodice Block, Dart Manipulation

  • Long Shirt with Flat Collar and Cuff

  • Trousers, Simple Dress

  • Types of Sleeves

  • Types of Skirts

  • Personal Projects.

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Elevate the expertise you already have in fashion, enhance your creativity and skill that combine trend and demand in fashion market as well build your character in design development. With our concise module and direct teaching system, you get to decide the specialized module of you choice from pattern construction on the intricate bridal gown, the clothes mass production techniques to knowing how to manage your portfolio become presentable and hone skill of the trade.


  • Theme Research

  • Technical Drawing

  • Creative Fabric

  • Advance Presentation

Ready to Wear Program

64 sessions - 192 Hours

Officewear, Casualwear, Dailywear and Modest Wear, can include under the ready-to-wear category as these items usually come in graded sizes. Especially for ready-to-wear entrepreneurs, this class will teach you how to determine the size specification of your creation. Revolving around tops, bottoms, outers, and dress- es creation that is not just basic


  • Pattern Construction Intro

  • Measurement and Sizing Intro

  • Advance Blouse Project, Advance Skirt Project

  • Advance Dress Project, Advance Shirt Project

  • Advance Trousers Project and Modest Item Project.


Choices of Ready To Wear Specialized Classes:

Day Wear Collection | Modest Wear Collection

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Made to Measure

64 sessions - 192 hours

A tailored made dress is an everlasting dreamy outfit for a woman to have, the fit has to be right, the detail has to be exquisite and most of all the construction must be correct. For a national costume enthusiast there will be Kebaya class to learn types of Kebaya there is as for the international style goers there are evening gowns and bridal class included how to make the bustiers and petticoats. The class will also teach the embellishments to put up


  • Customize Base Pattern, Bustier

  • Corset

  • Petticoat

  • Evening Gowns Development and Bridal Gowns Development.

Choices Made To Measure Specialized Classes:

Evening Dress Class (Mermaid Dress - Circle Gown - Out/One Shoulder Dress - Drapery Dress - Dress With Bustier)

National Costume / Kebaya Class (Kebaya Kutubaru - Kebaya Kartini - Kebaya Modern - Kebaya Pengantin - Bustier - Kain Wiron)

Ball Gown & Bridal Class (Bridal Gown Development - Petticoat)

Portfolio Fashion Design Management

16 sessions - 48 hours

Whether you want to continue your design study or impress a client, a good portfolio is the way to get your foot to the door. This class requires basic knowledge about fashion design and will fast forward to polishing your illustration style, completing your design documents and next level fabric manipulation fragments. Get to know what does a good portfolio consist of and build one yourself


  • Advance Illustration

  • Moodboard

  • Theme Research

  • Technical Drawing

  • Creative Fabric

  • Advance Presentation.

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