• Enjoying your free time with our compact creative celection of programs. Explore the fun side of digital design that you can immidiately print and wear, the express 2-days pattern sewing class with fashion items of choice, and our heartwarming program ‘Mommy & Me’ can be your choice for weekend quality time with your loved one while creating something together

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  • Launching an apparel brand is a very complex process, so it is no surprise you may be unsure of the proper approach to take that won't waste your precious time or money.

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“Turning Fashion into Business”

With our mission "Turning Fashion into Business", we are dedicated to empowering Indonesians by equipping them with an entrepreneurial fashion program, digital skills and continuous innovations to build the next generation of fashionpreneuers.

What We Stand For

Vision : 

Sparks Fashion Academy founded in 2013 with a vision to be Indonesia's leading complementary fashion education and entrepreneurship through innovative and effective programs to contribute to the nation's fashion industry advancement

Our Value :

  • Entrepreneurial Fashion Program through Indonesia business culture

  • Experiential learning opportunities with a realistic approach

  • Effective Time & Accelerate

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    Sparks Fashion Academy develops a specialized professional fashion program and improves based on the demands of fashion industry. This program is designed to enhance knowledge, skill and professional competency so that students are well-prepared in building their business and career in fashion industry.

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    Learn to surf the wave of digitalization from the comfort of your home. Get the essentials of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop functions for the fashion industry. Amping up your design portfolio with digital touches allow you to create a more precise patterns, illustrations and layouts of who you want to present your creativity. Classes are delivered through online platforms to accomodate today’s fast pace lifestyle, aspiring designers with busy schedules and students in other cities

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    The Main objective of Fashion Business Programs at SFA is to equip its students with keys to compete in the ever changing fashion industry. The program revolves around 3 pillars.

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